oneof the great joys of travel is to read a book that adds to the pleasure and understanding of your destination. Fiction and travel literature, in particular, allow you to dive into the atmosphere of a country, hear the voices of its people, taste the flavors of the cuisine and walk a city's narrow streets, long before you get there. Finding the right book is part of the fun and Have Books Will Travel will help you do just that.

Have Books Will Travel offers a list of regions along with literary fiction and non-fiction books to read beforehand or take with you. We have included some histories as well, although in general these will be non-academic books, but of high literary quality. We try to choose books that will delight, bring pleasure as well as information. For example, if you read The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane before or on a walking tour of England, each meadow or coastal view will spring to life with MacFarlane's exquisite prose as a background. Or if the reader is planning to tour Egypt, the novel Palace Walk will vividly illuminate Egyptian domestic and cultural society.

Each listed book includes a short review, one or two statements from known reviewers, and a paragraph from the book, many times the first paragraph, to illustrate the style of the prose and to entice the reader.

Have Books Will Travel is not tied to any bookstore or on-line ordering service. The books we suggest are all in print and may easily be ordered from your local or on-line store. Many bookstores have their own e-reader service.

We are hoping to continue to grow and add books to our list. Please hit the "Contact" button at the top of the screen to send us an e-mail and let us know about the books you enjoyed while traveling or while reading in your easy chair at home. We look forward to hearing about any books that took you far away and dropped you into a new adventure.

Happy Reading and Traveling!


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– Jean Rhys